We are always busy here at PhotoJoseph Studios, and always looking to improve how we do it. We had the regularly scheduled Q&A show on Monday, and as you can see it was again broken out into multiple segments.

Did you post a question in the comments in the past week that I tagged for this Q&A session? Here's where the answers shall come!          

There are also two longer questions in their own separate videos         --------------->

On Tuesday, PhotoJoseph showed off the set for his upcoming GH5 Training. Wednesday's show was all about Time Lapse, which was cool because it applies to basically any camera. On Thursday he showed off a cheap option for an external HDMI display that can be used with your camera (if it has an HDMI output). And finally, on Friday, PhotoJoseph shared an "AH HA!" moment will all of us. He realized that his SpiderLight Holster and his MeFoto Tripod are both made with the Arca-Swiss style plates. Also, starting with Friday's show, a new format was presented. The Photo Moments have quite a community now that show up for the daily live streams so they can ask questions (to PhotoJoseph or to others in the chat). It is so active, that the questions have become the majority of the show. So, for the benefit of those trying to watch the show for the slated topic, we are going to keep to topic and then address viewer questions after, (though, if there are on-topic questions, they will be answered as they come up). The daily viewer questions will now have their own separate video, (and you can find a link to that video in the description below). 

I spent the day building the set for my upcoming GH5 Training course (learn more at GH5training.com!) and want to share the details with you!

Let's talk about basic time lapse and how it works. Demo is on a LUMIX LX100, but applies to just about any camera.

Want a super cheap external HDMI display for your camera? How's $50 sound?

Regular viewers know my love of the SpiderLight Holster I use for my LUMIX cameras. And how fond I am of the MeFoto Tripods. But did you know they share a secret?

Watch the post-show Q&A here