Last week had all the fun NAB content… so sad thats done. It was a lot of fun! Now, we're back to the regularly scheduled studio show. Because NAB took PhotoJoseph on the road last week, there was no Q&A show. With two weeks worth of questions to answer, Joseph thought it would be more appropriate to stream it all in one large show, but then break them up into separate videos afterwards. You can take your pick: Watch the full version where live viewers also asked questions or watch the individual segments. On Tuesday, PhotoJoseph updated the firmware of his GH5 AND installed V-Log live on the air...err the YouTubes. Wednesday was an unboxing of Genaray SpectroLED-14 and the Impact Wheeled Stand. Thursday was an exploration of the BGGH5 Battery Grip. And on that same theme, Friday's show was about the XLR1 adapter for the GH5. 

If you asked a question in the comments in the last two weeks that merits a lengthy or detailed answer, this is where I'll address it!

                                           Or you can watch it in small clips -->

I have a firmware update and V-Log upgrade to install on my LUMIX GH5... let's see how it's done!

Today I'll be unboxing a trio of new studio LED lights, the Genaray SpectroLED-14 lights along with Impact Folding Wheeled Base Stands for them.

see pinned comment!] The BGGH5 battery grip for the LUMIX GH5 is a lot more than a way to hold a second battery - learn what it's all about here!

Ever wondered what the LUMIX XLR1 accessory for the LUMIX GH5 could do for you production?