PhotoJoseph came down with a case of the Jury Summons on Monday. Luckily, he recovered in a day and was able to get back to work. Throughout the week, PhotoJoseph released his GH5 test content. Tuesday's topic was talking about resolution…because it's something that everyone could use a refresher course on every once in a while. The middle of the week talked about Bit Depth and Electronic vs Mechanical Shutters. On Thursday, PhotoJoseph addressed a Cinema5D article that jumped the gun in blasting the GH5. And on Friday, he finally revealed to everyone which microphone he kept as a result on his microphone test.

This is the first of many LUMIX GH5 sample content videos I have an will continue to produce. This one is primarily about follow focus shot in UHD (3840×2160) 60p.

Resolution is a topic that many beginners (and even advanced users!) get confused on easily. This discussion aims to clear up confusion around DPI and PPI, native camera resolution, scaling in apps like Photoshop, and more.

Is there a bit depth difference when using electronic or mechanical shutter on LUMIX cameras, specifically on the new GH5?

A rather unpleasant article was released about the GH5 by Cinema5D yesterday, and we're gonna talk about that. Plus, I'll clarify a mistake from yesterday's electronic vs mechanical shutter discussion. 

Following up on the video "PhotoJoseph's Microphone Test and Comparison", it's time to reveal which microphone *I* kept. Tune in to find out!