Looks like the Photo Moments are back in the full swing of things. First, a viewer sent in some photos of his for Joseph to critique. You may remember from last week, there was a photo moment where the audio quality wasn't great. Well, PhotoJoseph found out what the issue was and shared the solution with us. Next, he showed us the Time Lapse function of the edelkrone SliderONE with shots he took in Oaxaca. Then, Joseph took us down memory lane and told us the story of how he was converted from being a "Full Frame Snob" to praising the church of Micro Four Thirds. And finally, Epiphan pushed out an update for their Webcaster X1…and it doesn't seem to have fixed the audio issues.

Viewer Graham Parker sent some photos for a critique and some technical questions to go along with them... so that's what we're gonna do! 

Ever tried adding a wireless microphone to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? Turns out more adapters than you realize might be needed... 

Trying out the time lapse function with the edelkrone sliderONE. PhotoJoseph is really enjoying playing with his new toy.

This is the story of how I switched to Micro Four Thirds for all of my work.

Epiphan recently released an update for the Webcaster X1. The problems it had before were... unforgivable. But now are they addressed fully? Let's find out in this LIVE test!