It was a very informative week here at PhotoJoseph Studios. Each day was packed with information… and there was something for everyone. Monday was not a Q&A, (there were no Qs to A). Instead, Joseph showed us how to balance the Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 video head properly. Tuesday's show was a response to a viewer's question on how to use the "Snap Movie Mode" found in many of the LUMIX cameras. On Wednesday, Joseph explored minimum shutter speed and how to use it to capture motion in a still. Thursday's show was a "Behind The Photo" where PhotoJoseph talked about a series of photos he took with a crinkled aluminum background. And finally, Friday was an answer to a viewer's question concerning what gear you should take (and not take) when going on a trip.

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Now that I've been playing with this Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Video Head Tripod for a while, it's time to talk about it - and show how to balance it! (Tip: throw away the manual)

What is the "Snap Movie Mode" found on many LUMIX cameras? It has Recording Time, Pull Focus and Fade options... so what's it all do?

Let's talk about minimum shutter speed, and how and why you'd set it on a LUMIX camera (using the GH5)

Need a fun backdrop for a photo booth? There are lots of ways to go... and here's one!

What photographer doesn't love to travel? Today, let's talk about what camera gear you do - and don't! - need on your next trip. You don't want to forget something important... and you also don't want to take too much.