Week 17 of 2017. Man, it's just flying by… it's already almost May! This week, PhotoJoseph was out of town. Some of you may have even run into him, because he was at the NAB Conference in Las Vegas from Monday through Thursday. We still had the Photo Moments, though not on Monday… that was an early morning of travel. We start on Tuesday where PhotoJoseph coordinated the "PhotoJoseph Photo Moment Meetup" where fans and other YouTubers met up and talked about what they had seen at NAB so far. While at the conference, Joseph was interviewed by the one and only Luria Petrucci from Live Streaming Pros on the livestrem booth (linked below), and met and befriended Griffin Hammond. So then what was Wednesday's show? Well, it was an interview with Griffin Hammond, of course! On Thursday PhotoJoseph shared a product review with us about the NekTeck iPone 7 plus phone case. And then on Friday, finally back home, he talked about the dual lav mic setup he's been using for interviews (as seen with Griffin). 

Tune in and meet some of your fellow PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment fans LIVE from NAB 2017! The battery died on the VidiU/usb modem, so it interrupted the stream. It was a good solution to the VidiU while it lasted 

Watch this short video to learn where in the USA you can buy a LUMIX GH5, XLR1 and even the V-LOG updgrade *today*. The big stores are all out of stock, but this dealer in the Los Angeles area has a shelf full.
It's Day Two at NAB Show 2017! We'll have cool interviews about streaming technology all day - join the conversation at https://livestreamingpros.com/nab
This morning we'll be having a live interview/discussion with Griffin Hammond, creator of "Hand Cut", a beautiful mini doc shot on the GH5 in its earliest days. We'll talk about his film as well as his experience with the LUMIX GH5.
You're a photographer, which means you use your iPhone ALL THE TIME (admit it... you use it to take a LOT of pictures). Even with the iPhone 7 Plus, heavy users can kill the battery before the day is done.

Several people have asked about the dual mic setup I used in the last few interviews, so here it is!