It was a pretty basic week here at PhotoJoseph Studios...though a bit busy on our end as PhotoJoseph will be traveling this coming week, (He is attending NAB in Vegas on Monday and Tuesday). Anyway, if you watched Monday's Q&A Live, then you were treated to an extra long stream. Joseph had a lot of questions submitted, (two weeks worth actually), and some of them actually required longer answers than he likes to do in the Q&A…so he answered them as separate segments after the main Q&A session (seen below). On Tuesday, Joseph (unknowingly) encouraged everyone to do something illegal (in all but three states). Wednesday was an in-depth look at the custom settings within the GH5. On Thursday, PhotoJoseph showed us how to record 60p and 24p at the same time on the GH5. And finally, Friday's show was about a cheap tripod he just bought, asking the question "is cheaper a good deal in the end?"

If you asked a question in the comments in the last two weeks that merits a lengthy or detailed answer, this is where I'll address it!

Whenever I'm in the car and want to record some video, I'm never prepared for it - so I came up with something. This isn't a permanent setup, but for road trips it's pretty sweet!
Pretty much every dSLR or dSLM worth its weight in dental floss has custom settings. But are you taking advantage of them? Most people leave them completely unused... a barren, unexplored setting that's probably "not for me". Let me show you how and why you should be using this option!

Is it possible to record slow motion 60p and regular speed 24p UHD/4K footage at the same time? How about 1080p 24 and 1080p 180fps? With the GH5 and an Atomos recorder... yes :-) 

I recently bought the $40 Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod - at that price, you can't go wrong! Or, can you?!