This was the most intense week here at PhotoJoseph Studios by far. On a little side note, we had some silly in-studio technical issues that had us playing catch-up all week...gotta love it. As usual, we started off with our Monday Q&A stream where Joseph covered questions on a variety of topics, (many relating to the GH5). On Tuesday, he unboxed the XLR-1 microphone adapter and the BGGH5 battery grip. Wednesday's show was full of helpful tips about the GH5. And then Thursday happened. We released the PhotoMoment ahead of the GH5 Autofocus Test Footage, and then let the Kraken loose. We've never seen so much traffic...we've never seen so much passion about photography/videography. This autofocus topic has really ignited a flame within people, and it is cool to see. Unfortunately, it led into a slight misunderstanding, and YouTube Max Yuryev posted a video response, causing a change of plans...and making greater ones. On Friday's Photo Moment, PhotoJoseph invited Max Yuryev to help calm things down and to coordinate on a special plan they have in the works. 

If you asked a question in the comments in the last week that merits a lengthy or detailed answer, this is where I'll address it! 

Let's open up the XLR-1 XLR microphone adapter and the BGGH5 battery grip for the LUMIX GH5!

I've got five great tips about the GH5 that you don't already know! They are... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (well c'mon, you didn't think I'd put them here, did you?!)

OK folks, you've seen all the FAILED GH5 autofocus tests... now watch the video where I took the time to make it work.

There are some awful GH5 autofocus tests out there. So, I did my own.