Another week of 2017 is done...but we didn't squander it at all. Monday's show kicks off a new tradition. Every Monday, from now on, will be a "Q&A" show where PhotoJoseph answers the questions from the past week that require more than a typed response, but require less than a dedicated show. This being the first one, the questions actually go back a few weeks. The rest of this week was "focused" (hahaha, you'll get it in a second), on specific functions and how the GH5 does them. Tuesday was about 6K/4K Focus Stacking. Wednesday was using Zebra Stripes to help get the best exposure. And finally, Thursday and Friday were about Focus Bracketing and Macro Focus Stacking. Thursday's had a technical issue which we solved JUST after the show…hence continuing into Friday.

Have you posted a question in the comments on a previous video that hasn't been answered yet? Instead of trying to keep up on all of them, I'm doing something new... every Monday, I"ll answer the unanswered questions.

Let's play with the GH5... ever seen in-camera focus stacking? Now you can!

The other day we looked at the LUMIX camera's built-in focus stacking feature which is awesome - but what if you want more control? In today's Photo Moment, we'll look at the Focus Bracketing feature, then using those images to focus stack in Photoshop.

I'm calling a mulligan... the first attempt at this was a total screwup, but now I know why... so let's do this focus stacking thing right!!